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Games of Clothes – how locatheart backed Fashion Revolution’s initiative


Games are typically associated with the entertainment aspect – but they are also a great educational tool. There is a multitude of topics that could serve as a potential game theme, and the emotions and fun accompanying gameplay make it easier to learn about the world and remember the acquired knowledge better. Creators of the RecyCOOL Edugames project are well aware of that, which is why they have created games incorporating the topic of responsible fashion. Since both fashion and games belong to locatheart’s specialties, we have decided to support the developers’ effort.

RecyCOOL Edugames

Games of Clothes were created as part of RecyCOOL Edugames to serve as a tool for educators and teach children and teenagers about responsible fashion as well as the fashion industry’s impact on everyday life. The series includes three games:

  • – Memory Game – players need to guess a word linking two different pictures and explain what the association between them is;
  • – Statements Game – players discuss different topics related to the fashion industry, learning how to debate and express their views in a respectful way;
  • – Role-Playing Game – players take on the role of people whose stories are connected to the fashion industry in order to see the world through their eyes and gain perspective.

The games are now distributed in educational institutions in all Visegrád Group countries in form of a tabletop game. They are also available online – for everyone to download, print and use for free!

Fashion Revolution has held a series of workshops and seminars in Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Poland in order to spread the word, explain the rules of the games and the way they can be used for educational purposes.

Source: https://edugames.recycool.academy/

Why have we decided to support this project?

Fashion translation is one of locatheart’s specialties – that besides game translation, of course. That’s why, when the creators of the Games of Clothes have reached out to us for linguistic support, we did not hesitate even for a second. After all, what project is better for our agency than one combining two things we are really passionate about – an educational game about fashion?

RecyCOOL Edugames is not the first initiative that our agency has lent support to – but it is the very first project that we have backed as LAH Games. The scope of our work on Games of Clothes included translating game manuals into Polish and verifying the English version to ensure its correctness and consistency.

While translating marketing content for our clients from the fashion industry, we can see their efforts to support responsible fashion. We understand perfectly well how big the influence of fashion on our environment is. We want to play our part in these important activities for the benefit of raising awareness about the impact of fashion on the lives of people within the fashion value chain – and want to show support to our clients. We believe that consumer education is of utmost importance for our transformation towards a better future.

Translating games about fashion – and more

Fashion, without a doubt, plays an enormous role in our lives. That’s why it’s more important than ever to approach it responsibly and remember how big of an impact it can have on other people and the environment. We are happy that we could be part of such an initiative, and we would like to thank Fashion Revolution Slovakia for trusting us with this project. We hope that their efforts at educating people in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary will prove to be successful and reach a wide audience!

If you have a game that you would like to localise into any language – contact us!