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Game localisation

Game localisation

Whether you want to localise a standalone production or a mobile game that’s updated several times a week, we’re here to help you win over millions of new players worldwide.

With under XXX projects localised into 30+ languages, it’s safe to say we’re true experts in the field of localisation. We translate everything from in-game story elements to user interface and marketing materials. Fun and idiomatic dialogues, understandable quest descriptions and tutorials, length-restricted UI elements – you name it and we’ve probably done it.

Our localisation team works closely with game devs and trusted linguists to ensure a unique gaming experience and deliver new language versions that are just as good as the original one. We work with our clients’ glossaries, translation memories and style guides – or create them from scratch if needed – and always localise content based on their expectations in regards to the tone of voice or inclusive language.

We know that when it comes to game localization, context is everything. That’s precisely why we always provide our translators, reviewers and proofreaders with all the necessary reference materials to help them create the best possible content and rely on query sheets to resolve any doubts they might have. Over the past few years, we’ve managed to establish a close relationship with hundreds of professional translators who specialise in game localisation – by working only with tried and trusted linguists who are also native speakers of the language they’re translating the game into, we’re able to provide our clients with well-localised content that is sure to make a lasting impression on any player – regardless of where they come from.

What language(s) do you want to translate your game into? Let’s talk.