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Project management


Behind every successful localisation project are high-quality source materials, skilled linguists responsible for top-notch translations, and  goal-focused coordinators who oversee all processes from start to finish. You’ve got the first thing covered – we’re here to help you with everything else.

Running a few multilingual projects at once can be overwhelming – there are hundreds of files to send out to the right people, a bunch of deadlines to meet, and a whole lot of people to please. What if we told you that you only have to worry about sending one email?

Our goal is to take all localisation-related worries off your shoulders so that you can focus on what’s important. All you have to do is send us the files you want to have localised and let us handle the rest. When working with us, you get a dedicated team of project managers who will not only make sure that your game is translated, reviewed and proofread by the most skilled linguists in the industry, but also guarantee compliance with your glossaries, translation memories and style guides (and if you don’t have those, fret not – we can create them for you from scratch!). We work with tried and trusted linguists from all around the world and use professional CAT and terminology management tools to ensure the best possible localisation and cross-file consistency.

Quality is never something to compromise on. Want your game to make a lasting impression and win over millions of players worldwide? Let’s talk.