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Looking for a partner that’s familiar with agile mobile game development processes? Choose a company that can keep up with the incredibly fast-paced nature of the gaming industry and forget about missing any deadlines. Our localisation experts work with renowned game devs to bring their titles to more than 40 million happy players worldwide.


Ever had to send files back because the translators had messed up the terminology or hadn’t stuck to the character limit? Our localisation team knows which potential issues to look out for and uses professional CAT and terminology management tools to ensure cross-file consistency. Have your games localised for every software, including VR headsets.


Fun and culture-specific party games, hours-long RPGs with twisted rules, friendship-destroying board games (looking at you, Monopoly) – with under 350 projects under our belts, we have done it all. Whether you want to translate your game into just one language or create a bunch of new language versions, let the experts handle everything from translation and editing to proofreading and linguistic sign-off.