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A localisation agency that keeps up with the fast-paced gaming industry

Do you struggle with managing hundreds of files and juggling a few multilingual projects at once? Looking for a company that stays on top of linguistic quality assurance? Need a bunch of short strings translated into more than 30 languages? We know what it takes to create a well-received game. We also know how easy it is to have all your hard work ruined by atrocious localisation, missed deadlines and inexperienced project managers. We’re here to take all worries off your shoulders so that you can focus on what’s important – coming up with new titles that get everyone hooked from the get-go, as well as taking over the gaming industry.




Translate your game into over 30 languages, reach more players worldwide and accelerate your global growth! We work with professional translators who specialise in game localisation to deliver culture-specific content that makes a lasting impression.

Language quality assurance


You need style guides, glossaries and reference materials to ensure cross-file consistency within all the language versions of your game. Don’t have them? We’ll create them for you from scratch! Our detail-oriented project managers always go the extra mile to make sure that all the project requirements have been met, doing everything to deliver error-free files. Our services include TEP, LQA, LSO, and more!

Project management


Don’t lose sleep over projects gone wrong – let the experts handle everything. Let us handle everything. Our team will help you organise and manage all your multilingual projects, optimise localisation processes, and make sure that you never miss a deadline again.


Mobile games and apps

Looking for a partner that’s familiar with agile mobile game development processes? Choose a company that can keep up with the incredibly fast-paced nature of the gaming industry and forget about missing any deadlines. Our localisation experts work with renowned game devs to bring their titles to more than 40 million happy players worldwide.

Video games / VR

Ever had to send files back because the translators had messed up the terminology or hadn’t stuck to the character limit? Our localisation team knows which potential issues to look out for and uses professional CAT and terminology management tools to ensure cross-file consistency. Have your games localised for every platform and hardware, including VR headsets.

Board and card games

Fun and culture-specific party games, hours-long RPGs with twisted rules, friendship-destroying board games (looking at you, Monopoly) – with almost 350 projects under our belts, we have done it all. Whether you want to translate your game into just one language or create a bunch of new language versions, let the experts handle everything.


  • Game localisation – we work with 30+ languages.


  • Localisation and project management – you send us the files and we handle the rest.


  • Goof-proof glossaries and style guides – say adiós to in-game inconsistencies.


  • Multi-step process – translation, editing, proofreading, quality assurance, and more!


  • Goal-focused coordinators – a team of localisation experts who are passionate about gaming.


Fill out the form or send us a message at info@locatheart.com to have your product localised.